Since 1989, THE DX MAGAZINE has been publishing stories of DXing.
You will read of the planning and activation of some of the most isolated and rarest countries in the world.  

     Articles from the past are a favorite among readers, as are informative articles on QSLing.  And, a listing from the GOLIST QSL routes is a regular feature.  Ward Silver, N0AX provides a DX Quiz in each issue to exercise your mind and test your knowledge of DXing. Technical articles appear regularly, along with reviews of items of interest to DXers. 

This magazine is one of a kind  ... 
There is no other magazine in the world totally devoted to the DXer. 

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     The annual Most Wanted Survey is one of the most highly respected surveys in the world. DXpeditioners use the results to determine where to go.  DX Foundations, Clubs, etc. use it to determine what DXpeditions to fund. The survey is conducted in the fall of each year with the overall results published in the January/February issue.   A breakdown by mode is in the March/April issue. 

     The editor/publisher for the past 14 years is Carl Smith, N4AA, a Top of the Honor Roll DXer. He has been an avid DXer and contester for nearly 60 years. And, he has the knowledge and experience to provide a format sure to appeal to DXers and contesters alike. 

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 DX  =  Amateur Radio "long distance" communications
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